Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs and Other February Snippets.

Today, after after-school (no, that wasn't a typo), one of the first graders tried calling her mom to find out when she was getting picked up.  She talked into the phone a little, then listened intently. She handed us back the phone and told us that her mom would call us back.
"Why is your mom going to call us back?  Hold on." ::the secretary redials the number and listens:: "Honey, that was the answering machine."

After being in kindergarten for a few months, I'm already beginning to spell words phonetically. "Famile" "Hav".  Yep, looks right to me.

I have to say my favorite valentine message went as follows: "You are the nicest princess around".  Hells, yeah.  I'm one bad-ass princess and don't you forget it!  It even came with a punch-out ring.

A couple of days ago, a kindergartener told me she had "boy pee in her backpack." 
“You have what?” 
"Boy pee." 
[Ummmm, I’m sure that can't be what she's saying...] "Show me?”  She proceeds to open her backpack.  “Ohhhhhh, you have a BARBIE in your backpack.”  Still working on that whole kindergarten language barrier.

Yesterday, one of the kindergarten girls brought handcuffs to school for show and tell.   Pink, fluffy handcuffs.   Which belonged to her Grandmother.  She told me that her grandma bought them, and if she loses them, she'll turn her black and blue.  I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to hear the details about this one.  Just don't bring them tomorrow.

I discovered that a fourth or fifth grade girl at our school, when she gets home, calls the school, and keeps dialing until she gets someone/anyone in a classroom. She then proceeds to sing into the phone, at full volume, with music in the background, for a long, long, long amount of time.  And she does this every single day.  I was in one of the fourth grade classrooms when it happened, and the teacher put it on speaker phone. She certainly wasn't afraid to belt it out.  The teacher said she almost never answers anymore when she sees who's calling.  But she doesn't feel bad, as the student will just keep trying different classrooms till someone else picks up.  I guess she's home alone and becomes bored.  Knowing the girl, I never would have expected her to do this.  The teacher even tried to break in a few times, and we tried applauding, but she just kept on going.


"You hear that? There are dinosaurs coming!  I can hear their footsteps.  I can also tell they're coming because Mr. Gardner's hair is moving."

Uh-huh. That's right. Mr. Gardner's hair is a sure sign of impending dinosaurs.

The window of the first class I'm in during the morning is directly across from the V.E. room I used to work in. Well, apparently, one of my old students (you may remember him as "Check your zipper!  Check your zipper!") just realized this, because he burst into the V.E. room and exclaimed: "I know what happened to Mr. Gardner!  She took him!" Well, Della had no recourse but to lead him to me, so he could accuse Kris (the teacher) of stealing me.

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